Melina Sweet is a Los Angeles based senior creative focusing on graphic design & art direction. Her creative approach involves a thoughtful sensitivity to problem solving through holistic and strategically led visual narratives. 

Services Include:
Brand & Identity Design, Packaging, Print, Art Direction, Collateral Design, Visual Research, Campaigns, 3D/Motion Direction, Creative Consulting.
Select Studios:
Currently at Jones Knowles Ritchie. Previously, she was leading design at Another1 and collaborated with Wedge, Practice, Farm Design2, Go Forth Creative3, UTA Brand Studio, LAND.
Select Clients:
Saie, Ceremonia, Canyon Coffee, CAVA, Nike1, W Hotels1, Facile1, Shopify1, The Ritz-Carlton1, Affirm1, Alleyoop1, Manifest1, CYKLAR1, Surely Non-Alc3, Better Booch2, Califia Farms2, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants2.

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