2019 - 2021
    Design Lead, Art Direction Assist
    Branding, Packaging, Collateral, Wayfinding
    Jonathan Godinho, Executive Producer
    Chelsea Matthews, Executive Creative Director
    Sundai Johnson, Copywriting/Strategy
    Jackie Tambara + Stevy Wang, Art Direction
    Breanna Urquhart, Associate (Snarkitecture)

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    For over two years (thanks pandemic), Another collaborated with the team behind at Manifest on articulating a brand vision that started with just a building and an idea. From naming to identity, packaging to website, strategy to wayfinding… we touched every corner and crevice of this brand. Starting with its foundation: the core identity for the parent brand, Manifest. Then layering in the sister companies that are under the same roof — Out of Office - a members-only bar, Of US. - Manifest’s product line and Abode - a members-only apartment space.

Manifest’s architectural and interior partner, Snarkitecture, provided us with great sources of inspiration for the brand identity through their material pulls and initial spactial renderings. We strategically dissected the visual cues we could integrate into the brand.

︎︎︎ Arches: Archways can represent ceremonies of renewal in many cultures. Walking through an archway represents the sloughing off of the old and moving into a new phase of life. As you walk through within Manifest, we hope that you discover new things and new ways to heighten your senses through our offerings.

︎︎︎ Linear Connectivity: Linear elements aim to symbolize the community we intend to foster. A sense of community and connection through the gathering of ideas whether within the barbershop or cafe or bar.

︎︎︎ Blended Pattern: Celebrating inclusion and a sense of unison. We connected to the craft of terrazzo and how it is made of different materials to add depth to a greater outcome. It ties to how at Manifest we are welcoming everyone from the community and want to create a sense of belonging for locals and those visiting.

The Manifest color palette is dervived straight from the materials Snarkitecture shared with us as they were solidifying the interior design. In creating a palette that is truly rooted in the space, creates a seamless connection between all the brand’s touchpoints.

︎︎︎ OF US.

︎︎︎ Out of Office