Gracias Madre

    Design Director
    Brand Identity
    Kimi Lewis, Senior Designer
    Ivan Alvarado, Designer
    With a goal to refine the established vegan mexican restaurants’ visual identity and language, Another set out to create a brand that encompassed imagining the warm feeling of being in your Mother’s kitchen. The many hands that are involved in the cooking process and the hands that pass along recipes through generations. Our hands are directly linked to the heart which is why so much love and intention is put into the food created at home. This new visual direction leans into the intimate kitchen and familial connection within Mexican and Latin homes.

    In our theme “De Los Manos”, we developed a visual identity consumed with warmth, texture and custom handdrawn illustrations. With a custom bespoke logotype, handdrawn logomark and secondary logos that were an amalgamation of lettering from the latin abuelas on the team — each element of the brand was made with love. Bringing a new sense of iniviting elevation to the brand that mirrors Gracias Madre bright yet moody physical enviornment whether you are visiting during the day for brunch or in the evening for cocktails.