Surely Non-Alc

    Go Forth Creative

    Branding & Packaging
    Chelsea Fullerton-Jones, Creative Director
    Jordan Petsy, Surely’s Creative Director

    Note: Some of these designs use 3rd party imagery as inspiration and to demonstrate a look and feel for the brand. We do not own the rights to some of the photography on this page.
    Surely is a non-alcoholic wine with packaging designed in-house and in collaboration with Texas-based Go Forth Creative, which highlights the brand's intention to create exceptional wines that don't interfere with your health or alcohol-free journey.

    We wanted to evolve the brand into a sophisticated space through a logo that was sure to pop off the shelves that could be used dynamically across packaging forms. With a color palette draws inspiration directly from the wine itself to allow for visual connection between the flavor profiles and packaging. This gives Surely an elevated boost on-shelf in market.